XJTU researchers reveal impact of arterial pressure fluctuation on mortality in critically ill patients

2018-11-30  []


Recently, professor Wang Gang, deputy director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of XJTU Second Affiliated Hospital, and his team studied the diurnal and nocturnal mean arterial pressure fluctuation of more than 15,000 patients in the MIMIC database (Medical Information Mart for Intensive Care, https://mimic.physionet.org/). They found that patients with lower mean arterial pressure fluctuations show higher risk of death. This research is helpful in the risk assessment of critically ill patients in hospital, and also provides a reliable theoretical basis and breakthrough for future ICU management.


The research result was published online in Critical Care Medicine, an international authoritative journal in the critical care medicine field under the title Impact of Mean Arterial Pressure Fluctuation on Mortality in Critically III Patients. Critical Care Medicine is a journal of the Society of Critical Care Medicine and has a significant impact on international critical care medicine. XJTU doctoral candidate Gao Ya is the first author, and the Second Affiliated Hospital of XJTU is the institutional affiliation of the first author.