XJTU researchers solves problem of stereo-selective synthesis of poly-substituted alkene

2018-11-27  []


Recently, Professor Guo Wusheng from the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology of XJTU was interviewed by China Science Daily. According to the report, professor Guo has carried out highly efficient synthesis of drug molecule and intermediates that are regarded as challenging based on carbonate and its derivatives. This achievement has expanded the application of carbonate and its derivatives in chemistry and promoted stereo-selective synthesis of polysubstituted alkenes and the development of allyl chemistry.


Polysubstituted alkene fragments are basic units widely found in natural products and drug molecules. However, the construction of polysubstituted alkenes of simple configuration and stereo-selective synthesis is a key problem that remained un-solved for a long time. As a “member” of the alkene category, allylalcohol is widely used in producing glycerin, butylene glycol, plasticizer and engineering plastics. Research on the stereoselectivity of the new structure of polysubstituted allyalcohol will not only expand its industrial appliance but also provide referential value to the stereo-controllable synthesis of polysubstituted alkene.