XJTU Researchers make new achievement in electrochemistric storage

2018-11-23  []


Recently, a research team led by XJTU Professor Que Wenxiu synthesized a flexible, self-supported and dense nitrogen-dopod Ti3C2 film electrode material through an accessible and controllable ex-situ solvothermal method, and assembled the material into a symmetry supercapacitor. Research results were published in the well-known journal Advanced Energy Materials (IF=21.875) as Flexible Nitrogen-Doped 2D Titanium Carbides (MXene) Films Constructed by an Ex Situ Solvothermal Method with Extraordinary Volumetric Capacitance. XJTU doctoral candidate Yang Chenhui from the School of Electronic and Information Engineering is the first author, professor Que Wenxiu is the corresponding author, and XJTU is the institutional affiliation.


The result marks a breakthrough of professor Que’s team in the field of electrochemistry energy storage after publishing multiple articles in Advanced Functional MaterialsJournal of Materials Chemistry AJournalof Power Sources and other well-known international journals. This research is funded by the National Nature Science Foundation surface project, the Shaanxi Province International Science Cooperation Project and the National Project111 (Talent Introduction Project for Discipline Innovation in Higher Institutions).


Link to the article: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/aenm.201802087