XJTU researchers realize ionic modulation of small voltage-induced ferromagnetic resonance

2018-11-22  []


Recently, Professor Liu Ming’s team of the School of Electronic and Information Engineering of XJTU has studied YIG (13 nm)/Pt (3 nm)/(ionic liquid, IL)/Au, an electric field tunable microwave device based on YIC. They constructed a coupling media between microwave material yttrium iron garnet (YIG) and heavy-metal Pt, using small voltage regulation under electrically polarized ionic liquid, achieving a ferromagnetic field shift of 690 Oe in heterostructures of YIG /Pt with a small voltage (<4.5 V). This is an improvement by almost one order of magnitude compared with the traditional method.    


Intelligent magnetoelectric materials are a key technology in implementing new electronic components with low power consumption, miniaturization, adjustable and ultra-fast response. Particularly, the application of these materials in high-frequency microwave devices can significantly reduce the volume, weight and energy consumption of devices in airborne radar, spacecraft, satellite and individual communications systems, which is of strategic significance to national security.