XJTU develops skin-like hydrogel wound dressing

2018-10-24  []


research reported by Science and Technology Daily


The research team led by Guo Baolin from XJTU's Frontier Institute of Science and Technology has developed a multifunctional antibacterial injectable hydrogel with good extensibility and compressibility as a wound dressing, the results of which were recently published in the internationally recognized journal Biomaterials.


With high cohesive force, this hydrogel can rapidly seal off wounds of any shape and stick to the wound edges, providing physical protection and moist environment for skin healing. Meanwhile, the gel's hemostatic and antimicrobial properties work to prevent the wound from bleeding and infection. Therefore, as a bioactive dressing, this material displays good mechanical properties and the Young modulus analogous to human skin, and is able to be applied to skin wound repair. It shows particular potential in healing skin wounds on active joints. So it has great application potential becauseof the wide source and low price of raw materials as well as the convenience in manufacture.


The research result above was published in Biomaterials (IF 8.806), a well-known international journal, under the title Antibacterial adhesive injectable hydrogels with rapid self-healing, extensibility and compressibility as wound dressing for joints skin wound healing. XJTU postgraduate student, Qu Jin, and doctoral candidate, Zhao Xin, from the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology are co-first authors. XJTU FIST is the institutional affiliation of the first author and the corresponding author.   


Link to the article: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0142961218306045