XJTU researchers improves the energy storage capacity of ferroelectric film capacitors

2018-09-21  []




Recently, Scientists from the Jia-Lab for Interface and Atomic Structure of XJTU preparedBaZr0.15Ti0.85O3//BaZr0.35Ti0.65O3 (BZT15/BZT35) multilayer films with high energy storage density through radio frequency magnetron sputtering technology by using BaZr0.15Ti0.85O3 and BaZr0.35Ti0.65O3materials with different components in the same system. By changing the periodicity or controlling the number of interfaces of BaZr0.15Ti0.85O3/BaZr0.35Ti0.65O3 (BZT15/BZT35) multilayer films, the interfaces will turn to be the obstruction of electric tree, which will enhance the breakdown strength of the extended BaZr0.15Ti0.85O3/BaZr0.35Ti0.65O3 multilayer films. Meanwhile, an optimum energy density was acquired with the period number of N = 6. The multilayer films show an excellent wide range temperature stability at -100~200. The research result is significant for improving the energy storage of ferroelectric film by optimizing the interface number of multilayer films.


The above result entitled as Significantly enhanced energy storage density with superior thermal stability by optimizing BaZr0.15Ti0.85O3/BaZr0.35Ti0.65O3 multilayer structure was published in Nano Energy (IF=13.12).


Link to the article: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.nanoen.2018.07.007