XJTU Researchers find rapid hemostatic material for non-compressible hemorrhage

2018-09-12  []




Recently, XJTU doctoral candidate Zhao Xin from the Frontier Institute of Science and Technology developed an injectable shape-memory nanocomposite multihole cryogel for hemostasis by using chitosan derivatives and carbon nanotubes. Chitosan derivatives, as the main skeleton of cryogel, reveal favourable hemostatic properties in promoting wound healing and triggering the shape-memory recovery function of blood. The raw material of the shape-memory compound cryogels for hemostatic dressing is widely available, inexpensive in price, easy to prepare, and has huge potential for application.      


The research result was published in international authoritative journal Nature Communications with the title of Injectable antibacterial conductive nanocomposite cryogels with rapid shape recovery for noncompressible hemorrhage and wound healing. The Frontier Institute of Science and Technology is the institutional affiliation of the first author as well as the corresponding author of this paper.


Link to the paper: http://www.nature.com/articles/s41467-018-04998-9#Ack1