New achievement made on Internet of Things and Edge Computing

2018-07-09  []



Recently, XJTU Associate Professor Lin Jie and Professor Yang Xinyu from the School of Electric Engineering together with researchers from the Towson University, the George Washington University, and the University of Macau finished a research on the Internet of Things related to basic edge computing. The research systematically and comprehensively analyzed the required construction and key technologies of edge computing-based Internet of Things, as well as the possible security and privacy issues in the integration of edge computing and Internet of Things.  



The result is published under the title A Survey on the Internet of Things: Architecture, Enabling Technologies, Security and Privacy, and Applications on IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL(IF:7.596, District No.1 of Chinese Academy of Sciences), a well-known international journal of computer science. It is also included in the ESI library for highly-cited articles (among the top 1% of articles in each academic field) and IEEE Xplore Top 100 Popular Paper List.  


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