The number of research articles by XJTU researchers increased substantially in 2016

2018-03-02  []


Recently, the ISTIC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China) released its 2016 report of China scientific and technological papers in the Beijing International Convention Center. According to the report, the scientific articles published by XJTU researchers in 2016 were improved in quality and inquantity. 3948 articles were included in the Science Citation Index (SCI), up in rank from 11th in 2015 to the 8th in 2016 among universities in China. 3325 articles were included in the Engineering Index (EI), ranked 6th among universities of China, up from 7th in 2015. The Conference Proceedings Citation Index-Science (CPCI-S) included 1184 articles, ranked 5th in 2016, up from 12th in 2015. In the top 1/10 impact factors of SCI indexed papers, 601 articles were collected, increased from the rank of 16th in 2015 to 9th in 2016. According to SCI statistics, the number of internationally co-authored articles with Chinese scientists as the first author was 869, ranked 8th among universities in China, while in 2015, it was ranked 9th.


In addition, two papers from XJTU were among the “2016 China Top 100 Internationally Influential Academic Articles” and the “2016 China Top 100 Domestically Influential Academic Articles”, respectively.