Latest development in flexible electronics

2017-11-20  []


Recently, an XJTU research group focusing on functional oxide thin filmssuccessfully fabricated a high-quality single-crystalline LiFe5O8 thin film in a centimeter scale on a flexible substrate of polyimide through a wetting transfer method, and studied its magnetic properties. The results showed that the thin films transferred by this improved method have a higher crystalline quality, and can properly retain their inherent structures and magnetic properties during in-situ growth. In particular, the transferred films exhibit excellent magnetic and bending fatigue properties, retaining its initial magnetic properties even after being bent thousands of times. Meanwhile, even under other bending statuses, the magnetic properties of the films still vary within the range of 10%, revealing good stability of the films. These results provide a practical approach for making more high-quality single-crystalline oxide thin films onto flexible substrates.  


The above findings were published in the Advanced Materials (impact factor 19.79) with the title of “Epitaxial Lift-off of Centimeter-Scaled Spinel Ferrite Oxide Thin Films for Flexible Electronics” and were presented on Advanced Materials in the form of Video Abstract and Advanced Science News. XJTU PhD candidate Shen Lvkang authored the article under the guidance of Associate Professor Liu Ming of the School of Microelectronics and Associate Professor Ma Chunrui of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of XJTU, all of them are members of Jia-lab for Interface and Atomic Structure of XJTU.    


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