12 XJTU faculty earned prizes on the national microcourses competition

2015-10-09  []

The Second National Collegiate Microcourses Teaching Competition, which was hosted by the National Collegiate Faculty Online Training Center of the Chinese Ministry of Education, releases the results lately. Over 18,000 faculty out of 1400 universities participated into the competition. The competition offers 2 special prizes, 20 first prizes, 74 second prizes, 98 third prizes, and 385 excellent prizes. 12 XJTU faculty works earned prizes after being selected and recommended by Shaanxi government. XJTU comes in the first among the “985” universities in terms of the number of prizes and the second in level of prizes.

From October to December 2014, XJTU Faculty Teaching Development Center organized specialists to audit microcourses coursewares, study the microcourse teaching and production, and identified three criteria for microcourse quality assessment. The first is whether the teaching method and design is appealing to learners. The second is whether the teaching contents could be understood and mastered by learners. The third is whether the teaching approach follows logic so as to provoke the learners’ independent thinking. The center also hosted tutoring and training sessions and finance relevant activities of different schools. XJTU also sponsored the first microcourse teaching competition. After that, the Center organized tutorial sessions and assist in professional shooting to ensure quality of those works for the national competition.