XJTU Renewed its CPSF funding record

2015-07-09  []

Recently, the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (CPSF) announced on its website the eighth batch of recipients for China Postdoctoral Science Fund. 34 XJTU faculty received the fund; the successful application rate is 58.6%. XJTU renewed the record in number of recipients and proportion of applications. The number of recipients from XJTU is only second to that of Tsinghua University, ranking the second in the Chinese universities. Meanwhile, regarding the concurrent 57th batch of postdoctoral fund for general programs, 28 XJTU faculty secured the first-class funding while 46 XJTU faculty earned the second-class funding. The successful application rate is 64.3%, putting XJTU at the fourth place among its Chinese counterparts.

According to the China Postdoctoral Science Fund guidelines, the postdoctoral fund for special programs is open for application once annually, with an offer of 150,000 yuan per applicant. The postdoctoral fund for general programs is available for application twice a year, comprising the first-class funding (80,000 yuan per person) and the second-class funding (50,000 yuan per person). The China Postdoctoral Science Fund was created with approvals by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security as well as the Ministry of Finance in an effort to engage outstanding postdoctors of enormous potential and innovative capabilities in broad and original researches and foster a cross-disciplinary, rounded and strategic postdoctoral team.