The Publishment of a Paper of School of Electronic and Information Engineering in Laser & Photonics Reviews, a World-Class Periodical in Optical Field

2015-04-07  []

Recently, with hisresearch team, Professor Zhang Yanpeng of the Key Laboratory of ElectronPhysics and Devices, Ministry of Education in XJTU has published a paper in theworld-class periodical--Laser Photonics Rev. [Laser Photon. Rev. 9,L1-L8 (2015), Photonic Floquet Topological Insulators in Atomic Ensembles]. Thepaper pioneered the idea of topology insulator of atom ensemble photon,expanding the research on topology insulator from the field of electricity intooptical field. The research result is of great scientific significance to therealization of a new “light modulator, photodiode and optical calculation.”