XJTU initiated “Top Talents Support Plan”

2014-11-28  []

On the morning of October 27, XJTU held a work arrangement meeting and initiated“Young Top Talents Support Plan”. The heads of each school, the national-level research bases like national key laboratories and relevant functional departments and over ten professors attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by vice president Rong Mingzhe.
The new “Young Top Talents Support Plan” links with the plan of new lecturers and new associate professors, will select a big batch of outstanding young scholars who have displayed remarkable ability in relevant fields and have good academic potentials by uniform standards and procedures at home and abroad, inside and outside XJTU and make them become academic foregoers or discipline bellwethers in certain field after key training for many years.
The plan takes “discipline construction is served by talent team” as principle and will set up posts and select hundreds of outstanding talents within 5 years. XJTU will provide guiding opinions on implementing the plans of each discipline according to the development plan of the whole university and the development plan of each discipline. Each school will make concrete plans on building posts and hiring talents in connection with the existing discipline platforms and those to be constructed according to the current discipline development situation. XJTU encourages each school (discipline) and national-level and provincial-level bases to build crossed research posts jointly and conduct mechanism innovation reform in the aspect of research organization model, personnel management and academic evaluation.
According to the institutional design of the plan, XJTU and each school will provide good working conditions and living treatment for “young top talents” selected by the plan in each aspect including academic team, research platform, family housing and children’s going to school. The Department of Human Resource will be the functional department that takes the lead to carry out the plan and will provide active policy and condition supports for the young talents selected by the plan together with other relevant functional departments.
President Wang Shuguo pointed out that “Young Top Talents Support Plan” was made by XJTU according to the actual problems existing in current discipline development and team construction and it was related to realizing XJTU’s targets of next stage and future long-term development. The whole university will push the implementation of the plan by working as one with broad mind and ken and high responsibility sense and urgency sense.
The head of the Department of Human Resource unscrambled the relevant documents on the implementation measures of the plan and transmitted the important instruction of party secretary Zhang Maizeng on how to implement projects. The attendees warmly discussed how to link the plan with other works and how to push the implementation of the plan at grassroots level.