Li Pengfei of FIST was awarded Thieme Chemistry Journal Award

2014-12-26  []

Recently, Li Pengfei of Organic Chemistry Center of Frontier Institute of Science and Technology was awarded 2005 Thieme Chemistry Journal Award. This award was set up by three famous journals of organic chemistry, SYNTHESIS, SYNLETT and SYNFACTS, subordinate to a Germany publisher, ThiemeVerlag, in 1999. The award goes to outstanding and potential young scholars around the world in the field of organic chemistry.
Li Pengfei obtained his doctor degree in Heidelberg University in 2010, and then did his post-doctoral research in MIT. In November of 2011, Li became a member of FIST, and started to carry out his independent research, mostly focusing on discovering of homogeneous catalysis and its application in the synthesis of medicinal active natural molecule.