High-end Academic Seminar themed Belt and Road Initiative under New Sino-US Relationship Held at Xi'an Jiaotong University

2015-01-16  []

Recently, The High-end Academic Seminar was held at Xi'an Jiaotong University under the new Sino-US relationship. Specialists  in the seminar conducted academic exchanges and strategic studies on issues of resources, economy and trade and energy strategy faced in the process of One Belt One Road construction under the new Sino-US relationship.

President Wang Shuguo attended the opening ceremony and delivered welcome remarks. He said that “One Belt One Road “is a great initiative of the central government with a view to further open to the outside world and optimize the regional opening-up layout. It is a historical mission of Shaanxi, the starting point of the Silk Road, to further integrate itself into the greater development pattern of China. As the pacesetter of Shaanxi science and education, Xi'an Jiaotong University is supposed to undertake great responsibility to establish the think tank for “One Belt One Road” strategy. Xi'an Jiaotong University has set up International Peace and Development Research Center, which will give full play to its mutidisciplinarity and provide theoretical research and decision support for the construction of “One Belt One Road”.

On behalf of the School of Management, academician Wang Yingluo delivered a speech. He pointed out that Chinese government is making a big push to promote the implementation of “One Belt One Road”strategy. However, all kinds of research institutions and institutions of higher education of our country didn’t attach much importance on the study of neighboring countries, and therefore, they should pay more attention to the study of countries along the Silk Road. He said that we should establish cooperative networks and further reinforce the foreign-aid training as well as talent cultivation, so that we can enhance our capability in managing the “One Belt One Road” and providing talents for it.

The seminar is chaired by Professor Huang Wei, dean of School of Management and director of International Peace and Development Research Center. Professor Zhu Chenghu delivered a speech themed “One Belt One Road” and “Great power relationship, in which he made a deep analysis on the new Sino-US relationship and the strategic importance and development opportunity of the construction of “One Belt One Road”.

The seminar includes four aspects: Representatives present at the seminar discussed lively focusing on the theme of “One Belt One Road” and the great transformation of Chinese diplomacy, going out of Chinese economy, new breakthroughs of China’s reform  and new normal of china’s rise. They agreed that the joint development is the core of new pattern of relationship between great powers, providing safeguard for the external environment construction. “One Belt One Road”strategy has been strengthening the international and domestic linkage, drawing the international attention and response. The construction of “One Belt One Road” provides opportunity to update cooperative mechanism and re-construct international rules. Setting more fair reasonable and effective international rules will enhance the implement “One Belt One Road” strategy.