Zhuangde JIANG




JIANG Zhuangde is an academician of the Chinese Academy ofEngineering, Professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University, doctoral supervisor and a guest professor at the University of NewSouth Wales in Australia.

Once the Vice President of Xi'an Jiaotong University, at present, JIANG Zhuangde is aCommittee Member of the National People's Congress Standing Committee and the NationalPeople's Congress Environmental and Resources Committee, President of theShaanxi Association for Science and Technology, Director of the Institute ofPrecision Engineering of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Vice Chairman of the ChineseSociety of Micro-Nano Technology and the China Education Association ofMachinery Industry, Executive Director of the Chinese Society for Measurement,and Director of the Shaanxi Mechanical Engineering Society, etc. Previously, hewas a member of the evaluation group for Mechanical Engineering discipline of NationalNatural Science Foundation of China and the National Science and Technology AwardCommission,leader of the evaluation group for the Mechanical Engineeringdiscipline, and an expert of the National High-tech Research andDevelopment Projects (863 Program) under the 11thFive-Year Plan in the field of advanced manufacturing technology. He has beenengaged in research work concerning the Micro and Nano-fabrication, precision measurement and high precision machining technology and equipment for a long time. Hehas made great contribution to the development of technology and engineeringconcerning high-temperature resistant pressure sensor, MEMS units, anddigitized precision measurement technology and equipment. He has conducted aninnovation research on basic theories related to the Micro-Nano technology. Asthe first individual who had accomplished the research, he received nine awardsincluding the second prize of the State technological Invention Award, thesecond prize of National Scientific andTechnological Progress Award and many other provincial-level awards. In2014, he was awarded the Science and Technology Award ofthe Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation.

JIANG has supervised more than 100 Doctors and Master degree candidates,among which one student was awarded the National Excellent 100 Doctoral Dissertation.Besides, he is an editor-in-chief of two books and has published more than 300articles. Moreover, he has received the authorization of over 70 patentedinnovations and 15 software copyrights. Mr. JIANG has also been the Chairman ofmany important international and national academic conferences.