Binheng LU

Binheng LU

Professor LU Binheng,member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, now is the dean of Mechanic Schoolof Xi'an Jiaotong University, doctoral supervisor. He also has many othertitles, such as, director of the National Rapid Manufacturing Engineering Center,director of the Center for High-end Manufacturing Equipment, leader of project"basic research of nano-meter manufacturing" guiding team, CTO of "high-gradeCNC machine tool technology" project, which is a key State science andtechnology project, and vice President of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Societyand Association of Machinery Manufacturing process, etc.

Professor LU is anexpert in AM technology, whose researches involve 3D printing technology, numericalcontrolling, micro-nano manufacturing technology and Bio-Manufacturing, etc.

In recent years, hehas taken charge of and participated in many research tasks and projects, suchas the 9th and 10th “Five-year Education RevitalizationPlan”, 863 project, 973 project, and many other projects held by NSFC. Theseyears, LU has published more than 400 papers, among which 18 were published inSCI, 90 in EI. He has also achieved about 20 invention patents.

And many of hisachievements have become industrialized, getting widespread use.


1.        1988, “Excellent Doctoral Dissertation” in Xi’an JiaotongUniversity.

2.        1991, “Excellent Doctor with Outstanding Contributions” honor,given by the State Board of Education, Academic DegreesCommittee of the State Council.

3.        2000, Second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

4.        2001, National Labor Medal Honor, The sixth Chiang foundation ofscience and technology achievement award in Hong Kong and honor of “outstandingcontributor of national key research project of the ninth five-year plan”.

5.        2005, was elected as the academician of the China  Academyof Engineering abd awarded the Second Prize of National Science, Technology and Invention.