Jiulin SUN

Jiulin SUN


Geo-InformationScience; GIS; RS; the application of GPS in resources, environment andagriculture; Informationized Agriculture.

Professional History

Sun Jiulin was born inYancheng City, Jiangsu province in August 1937. He is a National Expert with OutstandingContribution and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering.He graduated from XJTU in August 1964, majoring in power station, grid andsystem of Department of Electrical Engineering. In April, 2005, he was employedas an adjunct professor of XJTU and the dean of the School of Human Settlementand Civil Engineering of XJTU. He was also the former Deputy Director of NaturalResources Comprehensive Investigation Committee of CAS State PlanningCommission, Deputy Director of Resources and Agricultural ComprehensiveResearch Center of CAS National Commission for Agricultural Regionalization, StandingDirector of China Society of Natural Resources and Deputy Director of ResourceInformation Commission, as well as Director of China Association for GeographicInformation System.

He is currently the Deputy Director, Researcher and DoctoralSupervisor of the Academic Committee of CAS Geographical Science and ResourcesInstitute, Director of the Academic Committee of CAS Resources and EnvironmentScience Data Center, Deputy Director of the Expert Committee of CAS ScientificDatabase and Information System, Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory AcademicCommittee of Resources and Environment Information System, a member of the NationalScience Data Sharing Project Expert Committee, an Honorary Director of theNational Land and Resources Informationization Advisory Committee and a memberof the Expert Committee of National Disaster Risk Reduction Committee and amember of the Executive Committee of ICSU’s WDC and Director of the Center forRenewable Resources and Environment Subject.


ž   National Science and Technology AchievementAward (3 times)

ž   National Scientific and TechnologicalProgress Award (5 times, 4 second prizes included)    

ž   National Scientific Conference Award(once)

ž   Special prize and the first prize of NationalScience and Technology Progress Award of CAS (5 times)

ž   The second prize of Scientific andTechnological Progress Award of CAS or in provincial and ministerial level (4times)

ž  The thirdprize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award of CAS (once)

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