Qingquan LEI

Qingquan LEI


Lei Qingquan, Academicianof Chinese Academy of Engineering, was born in 1938. Upon graduation from XJTUin 1962, he continued government-funded overseas study in Hanover University inwest Germany from 1981 to 1983. He served as Visiting Researcher of OsakaUniversity from October to November during 1993. He is also a senior member ofIEEE and Chairman of ICPADM 2009 International Academic Conference.

At present, heholds the post of professor of Harbin University of Science and Technology andQingdao University of Science and Technology as well as part-time professor of XJTU.He is also the honorary director committee member of dielectric professionalcommittee of Chinese Electrotechnical Society(CES), committee member of thedielectric physics professional committee of Chinese Physical Society as wellas appraisal group member of the ninth and tenth material and engineeringdepartment of National Natural Science Foundation.

His majorresearch direction is engineering dielectric materials and their properties,especially the phenomenon and application of nano composite material. He haspresided over one national 973 Project and two National Natural ScienceFoundation Key Projects and General Programs. He received a second-gradeNational Award for Technological Innovation, a first-grade and a second-gradeof provincial scientific and technological progress award. He also won thehonorary title of National Model Workers and the Moved Longjiang Talents at the60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In June2009, he took charge of Huong Song science conference of “NanoDielectric Multilayer Structure and Its Macro performance”, which plays animportant role in promoting the level of future research in the field of nanodielectric.

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