Xinshi ZHANG

Xinshi ZHANG

ZHANG Xinshi, born in June 26, 1942, is a professor, aurology specialist and anacademician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE). He was graduated from National Defense Medical Center of Taiwan and gothis bachelor’s degree. He was the former Director of Surgery Department inTaipei Veteran General Hospital, Dean and President of the Medical School ofNational Yang-Ming University and President of Cheng Hsin General Hospital,Director General of Taiwan Urological Association, vice chairman ofInternational Society of Surgery and Chairman of the Federation of Taiwan.

ZHANG is currently the life-long Honorary Professor of NationalYang-Ming University, Medical Director of Taipei Veteran General Hospital, CEOof medical enterprise system in Ruentex Group and one member of the board ofdirectors of National Health Research Institutes (NHRI). Prof. ZHANG is one ofthe first experts to use such skills as urodynamic study, electrohydrauliclithotripsy and extracorporeal shock wavelithotripsy (ESWL). The monitoringdevice used for calculators in transurethral resection of the prostate inventedby him was granted multinational invention patents and won Taiwan's HighestTechnology Award. Afterwards, he donated all the patent bonus and established UrologyResearch and Development Fund to encourage the coming followers in the field.

He also launched the first “Urology Training Class” and “SurgicalOncologist Training Center”. Having engaged in medical education for more than30 years, he has persisted in working at the first line of clinical medicalcare and teaching, both experienced and respected by patients. He published 211papers (nearly 100 were collected by SCI ) and 25 books. Besides, he is theeditor-in-chief of several medical magazines and the chairman of World Film ofUrology and World Congress of International Association of Surgery.

He has been actively raising money topromote the development of the cross-strait medical development since 1990 andawarded scholarships in mainland each year. At the same time, he also heldseminars, arranged mutual exchanges between teachers and students from medicalcolleges on both sides and doctors from mainland go to Taiwan for observationand research, donated advanced equipment, medical journals and videos tomedical colleges and hospitals in mainland, and served as honorary dean for theurology training school of Peking University and a member of specialiststraining committee. In particular, in 1999, he combined efforts to establish “Guang Hua Scholarship” forour university, which made a great contribution to the development of teaching,health care and scientific research for our university as well as thecommunication and collaboration with National Yang-MingUniversity in Taiwan.

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