Fengjun ZHOU

Fengjun ZHOU

Research Areas:

He has long beenengaged in and led researches in protective engineering, particularly incomprehensive, deep and pioneering studies of explosion effect, theoreticalcalculations of explosion, and simulations of shock-resistance effect ofprotection works against explosions.

Work Experience:

Professor Zhougraduated from Tsinghua University in February 1962 with a bachelor’s degree.Currently, he is now Director of Henan Provincial Mechanics Society, HonoraryCommittee Member of the Society for Protective Engineering, Committee Member ofChina Aerodynamics Society, Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Societyfor Rock Mechanics and Engineering. He once served as a Committee Member ofChina Civil Engineering Society. In 1999, he was elected to be an academicianof CAE.

Research Achievements:

He has conductedcomprehensive, deep and pioneering research in explosion effect, theoreticalcalculations of explosions, and simulations of shock-resistance effect ofprotection works, all of which have greatly promoted the development ofprotective engineering, and contributed remarkably to the theoretical developmentof the tests in explosion effect and protection engineering technology. He hasgot various prizes and awards, such as awards from the National Conference onScience and Technology, National Awards for Progress in Science and Technology,and since 1996, he has undertaken research in the development goals ofprotective engineering and the compilation of written works on protectiveengineering technology. His research has laid a theoretical foundation for thedevelopment of protective engineering.


Prof. Zhou,academician of CAE, has won 2 awards from the National Conference on Scienceand Technology, 2 National Awards for the Progress in Science and Technology.He has published more than 20 research papers, 2 books on protectiveengineering. He was selected as national model researcher for the excellence inhis research. He enjoyed Special Government Allowance from the State Council in1991 and he was granted the title of National Model Young and Middle-aged Expertwith Outstanding Contributions in 1992.

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