Nanning ZHENG

Nanning ZHENG




NanningZheng graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Xi’an JiaotongUniversity, Xi’an, China in 1975, and received the M.E. degree in Informationand Control Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1981 and the in Electrical Engineering from Keio University, Yokohama, Japan in 1985,respectively. He is currently aDistinguished Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University where he teaches advanceddigital signal processing, computer vision and pattern recognition,computational cognitive science and engineering. He is the Founder and Directorof the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Xi’an JiaotongUniversity ( His major research interests includecomputer vision, brain-inspired computing, advanced intelligent computingarchitecture and autonomous vehicle. From August 2003 to April 2014, he was the Presidentof Xi’an Jiaotong University. He also servedas the Rotating Chairman of C9 (Chinese top nine universities).

Currently Dr.ZHENG is the President of Chinese Association of Automation (CAA) and a memberof the National Advisory Committee on the New Generation of ArtificialIntelligence Strategy. He became a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering in1999. He is a Fellow of the IEEE , a Council Member of the InternationalAssociation for Pattern Recognition (IAPR), a Fellow of International EurasianAcademy of Science (IEAS) and a member of the Experts Advisory Committee of theMicrosoft Asia Research Institute. He is the director of the Advisory Committeeof Experts of National Science and Technology Major Project in the field ofinformation technology (2008-). He served as a member of the Academic DegreeCommission of the State Council of China from 1998 to 2018, the chair ofSteering Group of Experts of the Major Research Plan on Cognitive Computing ofVisual and Auditory Information of the National Natural Science Foundation ofChina (2008-2018).

Dr. ZHENG received severalthe State science and technology awards, including the Second  Prize of State Natural ScienceAward (2016), the Second Prize of State Technology Invention Award (2007), theSecond Prize of State Science and Technology Progress Award (1991, 1996) andIEEE ITS Institute Lead Award in 2014. He was honored with the title of theNational Distinguished Teacher (1993), the Outstanding Young Chinese ScientistsPrize (1996) and the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize for Scientific andTechnological Progress (2002). He wrote a book entitled “Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition” (in Chinese) published byNational Defense Industry Press (1998), a book entitled “Digital Signal Processing” ( Tsinghua University Press, 2007) and abook on “Statistical Learning and PatternAnalysis for Image and Video Processing” (Springer 2009,    


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