Aici QIU

Aici QIU


QiuAici, born in 1941, is a female native of Shaoxing in Zhejiang province. As anexpert and one of the main pioneers in the field of high power pulse techniqueand high current electron beam accelerator, she is a researcher of NorthwestInstitute of Nuclear Technology and a Doctoral Supervisor and attended the workof developing and improving Chinese first high impedance electron beamaccelerator. She also won a number of awards, including the Award of theNational Science Conference, the second prize of the National Award for theProgress in Science and Technology, four first-prizes of the National Award forthe Progress in Science and Technology and the first prize of Guanghua Scienceand Technology Fund. She is now assigned as the chief engineer of NorthwestInstitute of Nuclear Technology. She was selected as an Academician of ChineseAcademy of Engineering(CAE) in 1999.

Educationand Work Experience

Shegraduated from the Electrical Machine Department of XJTU in 1964, majoring inhigh voltage technology, and was later employed to work at Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology. There she worked as atechnician, vice-director and director of the researching office and the vicechief engineer of the researching institute consecutively.

In1999 she was selected as Academician of CAE. In 2000, she served as a part-timeprofessor in XJTU. She has been dean of theSchool of Electrical Engineering of XJTU since 2005.

Awardsand Honors

Shewon awards including the Award of the National Science Conference, the secondprize of the National Award for the Progress in Science and Technology, 4first-prizes, 3 second-prizes and 10 third-prizes of Award for the Progress inScience and Technology and the first prize of Guanghua Science and TechnologyFund.

Sheis now a Standing Committee Member of the Chinese Society of Accelerators, aStanding Committee member of the Chinese Nuclear Society and also a editorialboard member of the journal Strong Laser and Particle Beam. And in 1999she was elected to be academician of CAE.


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