Helin LI

Helin LI


Li Helin, born in July 1937 in Nanzheng county of Shaanxi province,is an expert of Materials Science and Engineering and an academician of ChineseAcademy of Engineering. In 1961, he graduated from Department of MechanicalEngineering of XJTU, majoring in metal material and heat treatment. He workedsuccessively in the Drilling and Machinery Research Institute of Ministry ofPetroleum Industry, petrolic machinery plant of Baoji and Research Center ofPetroleum Tubular Goods of Ministry of Petroleum Industry ( which is nowrenamed as CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute), mainly focusing onscientific work of steel in petroleum machinery and petroleum tubular goods.

When he was in petrolic machinery plant of Baoji, he led his team todevelop the constructional steel with high strength and high tenacity,including more than 10 new materials and several kinds of surface strengthenprocess, making the quality and life of some petroleum machinery products reachthe international level. When he was in Research Center of Petroleum TubularGoods of Ministry of Petroleum Industry, he proposed the academic field about “petroleumtubular engineering” and established the research range and objectives of itwith holding many systematic and creative researches. He also led thescientific and technological problem tackling of oil well pipe, helping Chinato realize the domestication of oil well pipe in a great scale. He held thepost of the group leader of West-East natural gas transmission and the secondline of this project, bringing Chinese natural gas pipeline project intoworld-leading ranks. He has won 23scientific awards at national level andprovincial level, including 10 national awards, with 3 achievements adopted byforeign petroleum pipe manufacturing companies and 6 achievements adopted byAPI as standard. He published many academic monographs, including “PetroleumMachinery Steel Manual”, “Petroleum Pipeline Engineering”, “Analysis andPrevention of Petroleum Drillstring Failure”, “Collected Works of CAE (LiHelin)”, “ The Micro Structure Analysis and Differential Spectrum of MicroAlloy Pipeline Steel with high strength” and “Collected Works ofPetroleum Pipeline Engineering”. “50 Years of China Welded Pipe” and “Casesof Failure Analysis of Petroleum Tubular Goods and Equipment” were issuedunder his general editorship. He also published over 300 papers both at homeand abroad.

Li Helin has been awarded as the Advanced Scientific and Technical Workerboth at national and provincial level. In 1988, he was selected as the NationalMiddle-young Age Expert with Outstanding Contributions. In 1992, he enjoyed thespecial government allowance given by State Council. In 1993, he was awardedthe important prize of CNPC. In 1994, he won the Sun Yueqi Resource prize ofChinese Science and Technology Development Foundation. In 1997, he was electedacademician of CAE. In 2014, he won the Scientific and Technological Award ofGuanghua Engineering.

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