Zonghu LIN

Zonghu LIN


LIN Zonghu,expert on steam engineering, was born in May 13th, 1933 in Nanxun,Huzhou, Zhejiang province. In 1957, he was graduated from Shanghai JiaotongUniversity and was honored the master degree. From 1980 to 1982, he served as avisiting professor at the University of Miami.

LIN was theprevious member of NSFC review group, jury of National Technology PrizeMachinery Judging Panel, director of Academic Committee of Fluid MachineryNational Engineering Research Center, member of National Engineering ResearchCenter of Coal Clean Combustion and Academic Committee of State Key Laboratoryof Power Engineering Multiphase Flow, expert of Hong Kong Council forAccreditation, deputy director of the Professional Committee of China Societyof Electrical Engineering, vice chairman of Chinese Society of EngineeringThermophysics and director of Multiphase Flow Professional Committee of ChineseSociety of Engineering Thermophysics.

Also, LIN Zonghuis the vice chairman of Shaanxi Society of Engineering Thermophysics and thevice chairman of Shaanxi Society for Measurement, international consultant ofAmerican Journal Engineering Fluid Mechanics. Now he isthe first-level professor and doctoral supervisor of Department of ThermalEngineering of XJTU, associate editor of China’s Journal of EngineeringThermophysics, honorary editor of Journal Industrial Boiler, part-timeprofessor of University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, TongjiUniversity, Dalian University of Technology and consultant of Shanghai BoilerWorks Ltd and Dalian Boiler Works Ltd.

LIN has achievedgroundbreaking results in the important theories of thermal energy, nuclearpower, petrochemical and other engineering projects covering the field ofgas-liquid two-phase flow and heat transfer. In the field of gas-liquidtwo-phase flow, the two-phase flow orifice flow formula created by him can beused in a variety of situations which are different in pressures, componentsand two-phase flow and variable pressure conditions, which, called "Linformula", is recommended as the best formula in the world and is includedin 8 works from domestic and abroad.

He firstlyconducts systematic research of two-phase pressure drop pulsating mechanismwithin the U-shaped tube and creates its calculation procedures and pulsatingdiscrimination law to solve the serious problem of flicker utility boilers. Hecreates three kinds of two-phase friction calculation method and one kind ofvoid fraction calculation formula, both of which are widely applied. He alsoestablishes a unity discriminant of two-phase vortex street when the gas-liquidtwo-phase flow around a cylinder occurs.

In the field ofboiling heat transfer, LIN creates the first international boiling heattransfer calculation formula of pulsating flow which can be used for lighttubes and a variety of enhanced heat transfer tubes, providing new directionsfor heat transfer research; he also has great achievements in the field ofsubcooled boiling heat transfer and steady flow boiling heat transfer. In thefield of multiphase flow measurements, on the basis of "Lin formula",he firstly solves the international problem of simultaneously measuringtwo-phase flow component two parameters by one element, obtaining the patentsand its applications.

Professor LINZonghu was awarded     National-level Middle-aged and YoungScience and Technology Experts with Outstanding Contributions in 1988 andOutstanding Scientific and Technical Workers in Shaanxi Province in 1989. Hebegan to receive government special allowance from 1991 and was elected asacademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. LIN has so far published23 scientific and technical works and more than 200 papers, owning 17 domesticand foreign patents and 40 graduates. He has been honored the third prize ofNational Prize for Natural Sciences once, the second prize of National Award for Science and TechnologyProgress once and the first prize ofprovincial and ministerial awards for science and technology progress for 9times.

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