Youbai XIE

Youbai XIE


Professor XieYoubai, born in 1933 in Shanghai and graduated in 1955 from JiaotongUniversity. Now he is the Professor of Xi’anJiaotongUniversity, doctoralsupervisor and the honorary director of Academic Committee of the State KeyLaboratory of Tribology, Tsinghua University. He is also the professors of manyuniversities and editor of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering andTribology. Once he was the member of disciplineassessment groups of the academic degree commission of the state council andthe chief expert of the moderndesign technology of AMTRC, director-general of Chinese Mechanical EngineeringSociety and Institute of Tribology, the director of TheoryofLubricationand Bearing InstituteSchool of Mechanical Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong University, and the editor of ProcIMechE (Part J) Journal of Engineering Tribology. He was electedasan academician of theChinese Academy of Sciences in 1954 and in 1955 he was chosen as a nationalmodel worker. 

He engaged inresearch and teaching in Mechanics, Tribology for more than 60 years. He held andfinished more than 10 national key scientific researchprojects, and received the Adward of National Conferenceon Science, National Natural ScienceAward, National Science Progress Award, ScienceProgress Award in Ministerial and Provincial-Level and the Honorary Award forthe Most Hardworking Teacher, achievement awardof Chinese Mechanical EngineeringSociety,the ScienceProgress Award fundeded by the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation and many patented items. He has supervised morethan 100 graduates and published more than 300 articles. 

He didtheoretical and practical research on Tribology, put forward three axioms of tribology and built a framework of tribology theory and apply them on design of largerotating machinery, enginetribology and dynamics. He also raised four basic principles on design and many importantideas, such as “design is the spirit of manufacturing”; “successful innovationcan not be alive without correct designs”; “the meaning of design service todesign competition in distributed resources and environment”and so on. He initiated, organized and operatedInternet-Based Collaborative Research Center on Modern Design and Manufacturingof Ministry of Education of China. He invented the technique of Life CircleNature and Digital Sampling and now is organizing and promoting the research ondesign.


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