Weijian ZHOU

Weijian ZHOU

She is mainlyengaged in cosmogenic nuclides (14C, 10Be, etc.) applications in earth environmental sciences research. She is the quaternary geologist. Zhou hasworked on the research of the quaternary geology and global change andcosmogenic nuclide chronology C for a long time and in recent years she hasextended it to Be environmental tracer study.

Working Experience

Upon graduationfrom the Department of Foreign Languages of Guizhou University in 1976, shepursued further studies in the Geology Department of Northwest University andobtained her doctoral degree. She won the prize of China’s first hundredoutstanding doctoral degree paper. In December 2009, she was elected Academicianof Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), Academician of the third world Academy ofSciences, the current Deputy Head of the Institute of Earth Environment of CAS.She also serves as Director of Loess and quaternary geology for State Key Laboratoryof Chinese Academy of Sciences and “Xi’an Accelerator Mass Spectrum Center”co-built by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Chinese Academy ofSciences(CAS) and The Ministry of Education(MOE), as well as substantive doublehired professor of XJTU. She was once appointed as Executive Director ofInternational Society for Radioactive carbon and committee member ofInternational PAGES/CLIVAR Working Committee. At present, she holds the post ofeditorial board member of International SCI Journal, judge of discipline reviewgroup of National Natural Science Fund Committee, Deputy Director of theChinese Quaternary Research Committee as well as editorial board member of Radiocarbon.

Academic and Scientific Achievements

Shehas successively presided over key subjects such as “Outstanding Youth ScienceFoundation” of National Foundation, “Outstanding Youth Scientists Community”, “MajorProjects”, 973 Program(second level), special project in earlier stage of basicresearch of Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and project of importantdirections of Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS). She has published nearly a hundredpapers and won the prize of “China’s first hundred outstanding doctoral degreepaper”. She also obtained five provincial-level first prizes, a national-levelsecond prize and third prize as well as a patent. Besides, she won a number ofhonorary titles.

Thefirst prize for Science and Technology Progress of Shaanxi Province in 2002 2007-11-13

The secondprize for State Natural Science Award in 2008  2008-12-24

Representative works

1.Zhou Weijian, Zhou Mingfu, and M.J. Head, 14C Chronology of Beizhuangcun sedimentation sequence since 30,000 years B.P. Chinese Science Bulletin, 35(7) (1990), 567-572.

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