Zongben XU



Dr. XU Zongben,born in January, 1955 as a Han, is an academician of the Chinese Academy ofSciences, mathematician and expert of Signal and Information Processing. In1987, he received his PhD degree of Science in Department of Mathematics of Xi’anJiaotong University, China. During 1988 and 1989, he went to StrathclydeUniversity of England for postdoctoral research. In 1990, he was fast-trackedas professor, which was authorized by the State Education Commission. During1990 to 2001, he worked as the researcher and visiting professor in CUHK, EssexUniversity in England and Naplpli University in Italy one after another. Now,he serves as a chief scientist of “The Basic Theory and Key Technology ofIntellisense for Unstructured Environment”, the National Basic Research Programof China (973 Project) and BeijingCenter for Mathematics and Information Interdisciplinary Sciences.


Applied Mathematics, Intelligent Information Processing and Data Scienceand Technology.

ScientificResearch Project
XUhas directed and completed 21 national scientific research projects funded by 973Project, 863 Project, National Science Foundation and Hong Kong UGC Scientific Foundation. 

Academicand Scientific Research

XU has been long engaging in Banach Spatial Geometry Theory and IntelligentInformation Processing for mathematics teaching and research. Here are some hismajor achievements: First, Proposal of the L (1/2) Regularization Theory, whichserves as the foundation for Sparse Microwave Imaging. Second, the discoveryand identification of Xu-Roach Theom in machine learning, which solves severaldifficult problems in nueral networks and simulated evolutionary computation, andprovides a general deduction criteria for machine learning and nonlinearanalysis under Non-Euclidean framework. Third, he initiates new modelingtheories and methodologies based on visual cognition, formulates series of newalgorithms for clustering analysis, discriminant analysis, and latent viableanalysis, which have been widely applied to science and engineering. He is the ownerof the National Natural Science Award of China, and the winner of CSIAM SUBuchin Applied Mathematics Prize. He delivered a 45-minute sectional talk atInternational Congress of Mathematicians (ICM 2010) upon the invitation of thecongress committee.

Major Academic Position

Currently, Professor XU makes several important services forgovernment and professional societies, including member for Academic DegreeCommission of the Chinese Council, the National Committee for Natural ScienceFoundation of China, Guidance Expert Group for “Basic Research for TrustedSoftware”, Tian Yuan Foundation Leading Group of the National Committee forNatural Science Foundation. He also serves as Group leader of AppliedMathematics Discipline Fund Review, director of Teaching Guidance Committee forMathematics Education and Vice-Director of the Chinese Industry and Applied MathematicsCommission. Also he is the editor-in-chief of the Textbooks on Information andComputational Sciences, Higher Education Press of China; Co-editor of ninenational and international journals.


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