JiSheng LI





During 1970 and 2001, he got thethird-class merit five times and the first-class merit twice.

In 1991, he was commended byState Personnel Board and Board of Education as “overseas returnee personnelwith outstanding contributions”.

In 1992, he was conferred with“national middle-young age expert with outstanding contributions” by StatePersonnel Board.

In 1995, he won the China SpaceFoundation Award.

In 2000, he won the HE Liang HELi Science and Technology Award.

In 2001, he was cited foroutstanding member of Communist Party by General Political Department.

He had won prizes of scientificand technological progress at national level, ministerial level and army levelover the years.


After joining the army, hefocused mainly on the field of artificial satellite control. From the firstlaunch of Dongfanghong-I (Red East-I) in April 24th 1970, he had participatedin the mission of launching and controlling the satellite and he had beenworking in the research on the dynamics of satellite orbit and its observationand control technology. In the fields of dynamics of orbit, he accomplished thedevelopment of “precise orbit deterministic system of China Xi’an SatelliteControl Center” in 1993, making contribution to enhancing Chinese precise orbitdeterministic system into advanced international level. He also publishedmonograph about “precise orbit deterministic system of artificial satellite”.In terms of control technology of satellite, he proposed a design concept aboutthe application software of satellite control in 1970s, which is “modularization, universalization, standardization” and helped to finish theremoulding of control applications, which improves the level of software designand the efficiency of software development. In 1980s, he proposed and finishedthe software development of “modularizing automatic scheduling” of Chinesesatellite control, accomplishing the mission of controlling the Dongfanghong-II(Red East-II) , Chinese first earth-synchronous telecommunications satellite.

During the period of working asthe standing member of Committee of Science and Technology of General ArmamentDepartment, he assisted leaders from Committee of Science and Technology tofinish the research of Chinese army weaponry developmental strategy, takingpart in professional scientific research management such as: fundamentalresearch on national defense (973), military projects (863) and satellite technology,etc.

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