Zhanguo WANG



WangZhanguo, male, born in Dec.1938, was a physicist of semiconductor material. In1962, he graduated from Nankai University as a physics graduate, and worked inthe Institute of Semiconductor of CAS at the same year. He ever was appointedas vice president of the Institute of Semiconductor and elected to be a committee member and member of the standing committee ofnational high-tech advanced material, leader of expert group on functionmaterial, vice president of council of Institute of China Material Research,vice team leader of experts group in  photoelectrical information and function material ,which was a major research program of National NaturalScience Foundation, and team leader of consulting experts in 973 planningmaterial. At present he holds the position of researcher in the Instituteof Semiconductor of CAS, honorary director of academic committee in keylaboratory of semiconductor material science, honorary director ofsemiconductor and integrated technology branch of Chinese ElectronicAssociation,honorarychairman  of fourth council in the branch of China Electronics MaterialsIndustry Association, counselor of eighth advisory group in People’sGovernment of Beijing, special invited expert of People’sGovernment of Tianjin, member of advisory committee inmany international conference, special invited or part-time professor in manyuniversities. In 1995, he was elected as a memberof the committee of CAS(academician),and was appointed as standing committee,deputy director in Division of Information Technology and Science. At presenthe holds the position of seventh presidium member in CAS. 

He has been working on the research of semiconductor materialand materials physics for a long time, among which the experimental results of theman-made satellite’s irradiation effect by silicon solar cell, electronicmaterial, the devices or module in static or dynamic state, and nucleartransient irradiation greatly contributed to atomic and hydrogen bombs andman-made satellite in China. Since 1980, his major work was researchingsemiconductor physics in deep level and spectrum physics.

He put forward the new methods of recognition on two deep-levelcoexist systems to confirm two systems were in the same flaw depth or differentenergy state, which resolved a long-term international argument between A and Blevel of GaAs and acceptor and donor level in silicon. He set up physical modelof deep level in mischcrystal semiconductor and of gamma line dissociated inspectrum and gave the explanation on physical causes. He also came up with thenew criterion on GaAs electrical at fifth level. He assisted Mr.Lin Lanyingwith systemic researching on the GaAs sample of the melt in the outer space. Inrecent years, the experimental group under his leading obtained achievements inIn(Ga)As/GaAs In(Ga)As/InAlAs/InP,in the material of quantum superlattice, cascadelaser, the growth of detector material and quantum laser with high-power, thedevelopment of terahertz laser.

Recently,he proposed a conception of flexible substrate to exploit a new direction onmismatch material. According to the achievements above-mentioned, he won dozensof prizes such as the Second Prize of National NaturalScience(2001),Third  Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress(1990),Firstprize of Natural Science of CAS (2000), First(1989), Second(1995.1997) andThird (1990)Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress in CAS respectively,Science and Technology Progress Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation(2001),National Key Scientific and Technological Prizes and excellent researchsupervisor. He published more than 300 papers with his partner in the worldfamous academic journals and cultivated more than one hundred of masters,doctors and post-doctors.

Research Fields

Thegrowth and character of structural material in low dimension of semiconductor,research and application of quantum device, material, device and physics ofwide bandgap semiconductor, research on material of organic /inorganic coupledsemiconductor and solar photovoltaic device, the theory and preparativetechnique of flexible substrate in mismatch heteroepitaxy.


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