Liding WANG


Liding WANG

He was graduatedfrom Jilin University of Technology in 1960, majoring in mechanicalmanufacturing process and equipment. Later, he worked in Changchun Institute ofOptics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, serving asResearcher, Director of the Research Institute and Doctoral Supervisorsuccessively. In 1995, he was elected Academician of CAS. In 1998, he wastransferred to the School of Mechanical Engineering of Dalian University ofTechnology and served as the Head of MEMS Research Center and Key Laboratoryfor Micro/Nano Technology and System of Liaoning Province. He was an expert inthe planning of National MEMS Development Strategy and State Medium- andLong-term Programme on Science and Technology Development, Standing Director ofChina Instrument and Control Society, Standing Director of Chinese Society forMeasurement, Guest Director of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society andDeputy Director of Chinese Society of Micro-Nano Technology.

He has longengaged in the research of ultra precision gear-grinding processing and itstest and established relevant theories on precision and error compensationmethods such as “sine reduction method”. He developed sample plates ofprecision gear and involute with the highest accuracy grade, which is used asengineering and measurement standard. In 1980s, he conducted researches inbench with transmission chain of submicron precision and high stability, whichwas used in the recording equipment of CD motherboard. In 1992, he set up thefirst MEMS research lab in China. In 1999, he established MEMS Research Centerand conducted researches in unit and system design, fabrication, test andkinematics and kinetics. He has won the second and third prize of NationalScience and Technology Progress Award twice and once respectively, one prize inthe National Scientific Conference Award, andreceived more than ten rewards from the provincial ministries. He has writtenmore than two hundred papers and two academic works, and has been granted overten invention patents.

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