Yao Xi is an academician of theChinese Academy of Sciences, an academician of the American NationalAcademy of Engineering, professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University(XJTU). He wasborn in 1935, Wujin County of Jiangsu Province. He started his profession as a teacherin XJTU after graduating from the Department of Electrical Engineering ofJiaotong University in 1957. In 1979, he pursued further studies at theMaterials Research Institute at Pennsylvania State University as a visitingscholar. In 1982, he received his PhD in solid science in Pennsylvania StateUniversity. In 1983, he returned to China, working as an associate professor inXJTU. In 1984, he was promoted to be a professor and he was also the firstdoctoral tutor in China in Electronic Materials and Components. Now he ispresident of International Center for Dielectric Research, director of AcademicCommittee of Key Laboratories of Electronic Ceramics and Devices of the Ministryof Education, and editor-in-chief of the Journal of Advanced Dielectrics.

Since the end of 1950s, professorYao Xi has engaged himself in ferroelectric ceramics, and has led more than 20 researchprojects, such as the major projects of the National Natural ScienceFoundation, key projects, general projects, projects from the “863”planning inthe fields of new materials, and international cooperation projects and so on.He published more than 550 articles, 7 textbooks and monographs and more than10 patent items at home and abroad. In 1982, his doctoral paper was awarded theXerox,and in 1985 he was granted the Ross-Coffin-Purdy Adward. In 1997, he gotsupport from the Ho Leung-Ho Lee Foundation for the Progress in Scienceand Technology. Five years’ later, he was elected to be a member of the AmericanCeramic Society and received the Achievement Award of IEEE for his contribution ofinnovation in iron electrical fields and leadership role in electronic ceramicsin China and the ferroelectric field at home and abroad.

Professor Yao is a famousinternational scholar in the field of electronic materials. And he heldacademic positions in the past, such as the director of the Council of Academies of Ceramics and a memberof International Iron Electricity AdvisoryCommittee, chair of the Association of Asian Ferroelectrics and so on. He setthe foundation of research on ferroelectric ceramics, so he is the academicleader in this field and enjoys considerableinfluence in academic circles at home and abroad. 

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