Zhisheng AN

Zhisheng AN

Research Field and Direction

Loess and environment; Stratigraphy; Paleopedology and Paleoclimatology;Magnetostratigraphy and Micromorphology; monsoon change and past global climateChange; environmental protection and governance of the Loess Plateau

Job Resume

Graduated fromthe Department of Geography, Nanjing University In 1958, An Zhisheng got hismaster’s degree in Institute of Geography and Geochemistry, Chinese Academy ofSciences In 1996. In 1999, he was appointed the part-time Professor in Xi’anJiaotong University. He successively held the posts of Research Assistantat the Institute of Geography and Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, DeputyDirector of the Xi’an Laboratory of the Loess and Quaternary Geology, ChineseAcademy of Sciences, Director of the Xi’an Open Research Laboratory of the Loessand Quaternary Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Researcher, Doctoral Supervisor,Director of the Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Presidentof the Xi’an Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences  and the Shaanxi Academyof Sciences, and the Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Academic and Scientific Achievements

For many years,he has been engaged in the study of loess and environment, Stratigraphy,Paleopedology and Paleoclimatology, Magnetostratigraphy and Micromorphology, monsoonchange and past global climate Change and environmental protection andgovernance of the Loess Plateau. He is the Deputy Director of the ChineseUnion for Quaternary Research, Chairman of the Loess Commission of theInternational Union for Quaternary Research, Vice Chairman of the ChineseSociety for Mineralogy, Petrology and Geochemistry, Vice President of theInternational Union for Quaternary Research, Committee Member of the IGBPScientific Committee, and Vice President of the IGBP, etc.

He studied loess andpost-quaternary sediments, systematically researched the relationshipbetween the accumulation and evolution of the Chinese loess and paleoclimate and Paleoclimatology, linking withglobal climate change, took the lead in introducing the quaternarymagnetostratigraphy into China, firstly pointed out the Major geological and climateevents happened in China in 2.4 million years ago and determined the Age ofLantian Man and the Desertification of Australia. Working with Academician LiuDongsheng, he successfully compared the Chinese loess with deep sea sedimentary sequenceand put forward the accumulation evolution model of the loess and its relationswith environmental evolution. The research group led by him systematically broughtforward the theory of East Asian paleomonsoon controlling the Chinese paleoenvironmentalchange, establishing the Chinese paleoenvironmental change sequences for therecent 2.4 million years, 130 thousand years and 20 thousand yearsrespectively, reconstructing the picture of Chinese environmental changes inrecent 20 thousand years, and conducted a systematical discussion on themechanism of paleomonsoon changes. Besides, he presented evidence and lawfor the instability and sudden events of winter monsoon climate in last glacial periodand interglacial period and conducted a research on paleoclimate intercomparisonbetween the southern and northern hemisphere, which was internationallyrecognized.  

He was invitedmany times to deliver speeches in International Council of Scientific Unionsand International Symposiums on Global Change. He coauthored the book Loess andEnvironment. Besides, he has made great contribution to the construction of aneotype of earth environment research center. He successively received two 2ndprizes and one 3rd prize of Natural Science Award, and three 1st prizes and one3rd prize of Natural Science Awards of Chinese Academy of sciences. He haspublished more than 50 articles in many foreign journals such as NatureGeology,Quaternary Research, and Quaternary Sciences Review and more than 50 articlesin domestic journals such as Science China and Science Bulletin, and was citedfor more than 200 times as the first author in terms of Science Citation Index.


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