The Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges

The Departmentof International Cooperation and Exchange, and the Office of Hong Kong, Macao,and Taiwan Affairs is the centralized administrative body responsible formatters concerning the  implementation of foreign affairs related policiesand the coordination for international cooperation and communication.

Its major responsibilitiescover the following scopes:

Ÿ   outliningthe overall development plan for XJTU’s Internationalization

Ÿ   coordinatingthe foreign affairs related activities of XJTU, and providing the informationand liaison services for the teaching, research and international academicexchange for XJTU schools and faculties

Ÿ   planningand conducting important reception and outbound activities of university-level

Ÿ   expandingproject cooperation with XJTU partners including overseas universities andcolleges, research institutions, government and international organizations;being responsible for the overall management of the intercollegiate exchangeprograms, including exchange programming, agreement drafting, projectimplementation and the follow-ups and service work

Ÿ   planning,coordination and management of the study abroad programs of all levels

Ÿ   centralizedmanagement of the affairs related to exchange students and visiting scholars,including the planning, recruitment and admission, foreign and teachingactivities, livelihood relevant service, funds management, etc

Ÿ   centralizedmanagement of the recruitment, approval, foreign affairs and livelihoodrelevant services of foreign experts

Ÿ   gettinginternational conferences verified and approved by higher authorities;conducting liaison, verification, and approval application of joint-schoolingwith overseas partners

Ÿ   outboundapproval, getting outbound approved by higher authorities; non-private passportand visa application for XJTU staff and students

Ÿ   otheraffairs relevant to international cooperation and exchange

The Departmentof International Cooperation and Exchange, and the Office of Hong Kong, Macao,and Taiwan Affairs has three branch offices: the International Exchange Office,the International Program Office and the Office for Passport and VisaApplication.