The Department of Extracurricular Education Management

Administrative Division of Social Educationis comprehensive department in charge of adult education, vocational education,non-diploma training, fundamental education and cooperation in this regard.

Main Functions

1.        Onbehalf of XJTU, managing the secondary units which are running socialeducation, such as School of Continuing Education, School of VocationalEducation, School of On-line Education, Affiliated Primary and SecondarySchools, Nursing School affiliated to School of Medicine. Its work in thisregard includes supervision, examination and wage standard auditing of thestaff of these secondary units, evaluation and employment of the professional personnel,and affairs related to class position of office clerks. Monitoring thefee-charging of these secondary units, examining and verifying relevant aspectsin running social education (teaching sites of School of Continuing Educationin other cities, enrolling plan, admission work and diploma granting, relevantaffairs of the City College) and proposing plans on setting, changing andrevoking secondary units.

2.        Approving,managing, monitoring and coordinating non-diploma training on bachelor’s degreeand below carried by secondary units of XJTU.

3.        Formulatingcooperation plans on behalf of XJTU in social education. Management of theassets involved, tangible and intangible, monitoring and other coordinationwork. Safeguarding reputation as well as rights and interests of XJTU.Nomination, dispatch and examinations of principal, board officer and otherdirectors of relevant jointly-ran institutes in social education, andexamination of annual reports of these institutions.

4.        Withinits own work scope, completing routines conducted by the other departments suchas comprehensive treatment and financial examination.

5.        Otherspecific tasks assigned by XJTU.