The Workers Union

Labor Union of Xi’anJiaotong University is a mass organization which is composed by voluntaryteachers and teaching staff, serving as the bridge and bond connecting allteachers and teaching staff together. Founded in March 7th, 1950,the labor union now has 8860 members in establishment, including 5525 membersin the main campus, 3135 members in three affiliated hospitals, totaling 29fundamental branches in the university.

The Labor Union Committee of Xi’an Jiaotong University (hereinafterreferred to as Labor Union) is elected by Labor Union Congress of Xi’anJiaotong University. The Labor Union carries out the decisions made by LaborUnion Congress and superior labor union, managing the general work andregulating the working plan. On behalf of the teachers and teaching staff, theLabor Union organizes university democratic management and supervision by law.As an institution of Congress of Teachers and Teaching Staff, it is alsoresponsible for the routine work and implementation of the decisions made bythe Congress.

The Labor Union participates in the coordination andmediation of Labor/Personnel Relations and establishes consultative system withuniversity administrations to resolve the problems concerning the vitalinterests of teachers and teaching staff. The labor union helps and guidesteachers as well as teaching staff to sign labor contracts with the universityand signs the collective contracts or special contracts with the university onbehalf of teachers and teaching staff, supervising the implementation of thethose contracts. It organizes activities for teachers and teaching staff suchas professional skills competition, reasonable suggestions, scientificinnovations and technological cooperation and summarizes the experiences topromote the advanced ones. The Labor Union is also responsible for theselection, commendation, cultivation and management service work of theadvanced and model workers covering all the fields.

The Labor Union should carry onideological and political education for teachers and teaching staff,encouraging teachers and teaching staff’s earning activities of professionaland administrative knowledge and organizing cultural and physical activities.It is supposed to supervise the implementation of related laws and rules andhelp as well as urge the related departments to perform well in the work ofsalary, security, sanitation and social insurance. The collective welfare ofteachers and teaching staff should also be covered to improve their life,especially the protection of the special interests and right of female teachersand teaching staff. Labor union should deliver a good performance in itsorganization and construction, further improving the democratic system andlife. It is also responsible for the development, enrollment, education andmembership management of the members. Besides, the funds and property of the LaborUnion should also be well collected, managed and put into good use.

The school Labor Unionhas the funding reviewing committee, culture and sports Working Committee,welfare work of the Committee, Youth faculty working Committee, female facultyworking committee and other special working committees. The school labor unionadministrates some culture and sports associations ,including faculty FootballAssociation, Basketball Association, Table Tennis Association, BadmintonAssociation, the Association of Tennis, Chess Association, Chinese orchestraand choir, Beijing opera association, Dancing Association, Painting andCalligraphy Association and Photographic Society ,supports associations tocarry out activities and offers services to them.

In recent years, under the leadership of thesuperior labor union, the school labor union has carried out the work aroundthe school and implemented the duty and responsibility of labor union. It alsohas united and mobilized the majority of faculty actively engaged themselves inthe school reform and development, making contributions to building up afirst-class university. It has further promoted the democratic management,focused on safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of staff, offereddedicated service to grassroots and staff, vigorously carried out massactivities which strived to be the first and a variety of culture and sportsactivities for faculty, and strived to run the "home of faculty"well. At the same time, the labor union has made remarkable achievements.The school labor Union was awarded by the National labor Union as"Model Home of faculty" and "national may 1st laborcertificate"; the "model house of workers" and"advanced female employee organization" by the labor union of National ESCH; "women's civilization department" by the China Women'sFederation .

Positionsettings and Contact Information of the Union






Li Wei

Charging of labor union work overall

82664700 (Office)


Zhang Qingsheng

Assist the chairman to practice the daily work of labor unions

82663866 (Office)

Office Affairs

Ge Jingfeng

Responsible for the management of the office and Democratic Teachers' Congress

82663877 (Office)

Minister of Labor and Welfare Ministry Young Workers work

Shao Xiaomin

Responsible for the welfare and interests of security work

Young Workers work

82668271 (Office)

Minister of Culture and Sports Department

Yang Lihong

Responsible for the work of arts, sports

82668271 (Office)

Office clerk the minister of Organization Department

Wang Qian

Responsible for the daily affairs of office Organizing work and women workers

82668271 (Office)

Minister of public and education department

Ji Jin

Responsible for publicity and education work

82668272 (Office)

The Union Office Address:Room 2211 22-storey of the main teaching building

Tel: 029-82668271 Fax029-82668271 or 82668272