The Department of Publicity

The Department of Publicity focuses on the goal of building world-class university and aims to guide the work of theory publicity, information release and cultural promotion. The duties of the department include:

* guiding the work of theory publicity and education, political construction, and development of the philosophy and social sciences;

* undertaking the task of the university news report, uploading the latest news of the university via traditional and new media including News Network, television, broadcast, newspaper, etc.;

* conducting the task of outward publicity and authorizing the release of the university news;

* guiding the activities of moral and cultural development;

* conducting the construction of the new media platform: Official Micro-blog, WeChat, Renren, etc., filming and producing campus-related micro-films and micro-videos.

Throughout the years, the work of Department of Publicity focuses oninternal cohesion and image construction.Toachieve the long-term development vision of the university, the department constantly improves its mechanism of publicity, builds an elite team, and creates a favorable ideological environment and positive public opinion atmosphere.