The Data and Information Center

The Data and Information Center of XJTU is a department -level daily work institution of Information Application and Management Leading Group. Under the guidance of the competent authorities of XJTU, it has established the Information Application Construction and Management Office, the Data Management Office, the Public Information Service Office, the Resource Construction and Comprehensive Affairs Office and the Information Management Office.

Its main responsibilities are: managing, sharing, analyzing and applying the data of XJTU; making data development plans and corresponding data standards of XJTU and statistical analysis of the data on the condition of XJTU; overall planning, advancing and implementation of the information application of XJTU; formulate development plans with regard to educational information application, and develop and maintain all types of information system software; network information management, public information service and training program related to information application of XJTU.

Add:  Main Teaching Building Tower E 1703


Tel:  (0)29 8266 4996 / 8902 / 9156