The Department of Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department is a functional department for the University Party Committee to carry out the ideological and political education ofcollege students, as well as an administrative department in charge of the administration and service for student affairs. It is divided into six main departments:the Ideological and Political Education Research Center, the Finance Assistance Center, the Academic Counseling Center,the Psychological Health Education and Counseling Center,the Dormitory Management and Service Center, the Student Comprehensive Affairs Office, etc.

The main responsibilities of the department includes:

1. Carrying out the ideological and political education ofcollege students, and taking charge of the team building of counselors and class advisors.

2.Undertakingthe construction of basic-level Party organizations as well as the development, education and administration affairsof Party members.

3. Being responsible forsubsidy and education work, such as scholarship and grants, national student loans, work-study programs and grants for temporary difficulties, as well as rewards and punishmentsaffairs.

4. Being responsible for the construction and implementation of the Eight Credits Extra-Curricular System for undergraduates and the improvement program for student`s comprehensive abilities.

5. Being responsible foracademic counseling for students;

6. Being responsible foreducation and consultation of college students’ psychological health;

7. Being responsible for the daily management and service of students’dormitories;

8. Being responsible fororganization and implementation of important studentactivities, management of student archives, as well asthe management and service of student`s daily affairs.

9. Actively organizing campus activities so as to build thebenign cultural atmosphere and maintaincampus safety.

Co-working with the Student AffairsDepartment,the People's Armed Forces Department (PAFD)is in charge of the modern national defenseeducation forcollege students.It is responsible for guiding the military theory teaching and research office in the military training for college students, people's air defense, conscription, armory management, registering reserve force and the management of veterans and demobilized soldiers.

The universityhas established the Party Committee of college students with its office set up within the Student AffairsDepartment, which is in charge of the construction ofstudents’ basic-level party organizations andthe routine education and management of Party members of all Colleges.


Head of DepartmentChunyangShang



Office Tel:82668232