The Center for Planning and Basic Construction Management

Associate Director: Ning Chunming (Chair)

Tel: 83399101



Office Address: No.2 West Building, Qujiang Campus, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Tel: 83399106


In line with the university’s general targets and developmental requirements as well as the approved overall planning, the School Planning and of Construction Management Center is committed to establishing and performing basic plans for construction in the mode of project management. The center is subdivided into six departments: the comprehensive department, the planning department, the construction cost department, the engineering department, the general affairs office and the design management office.

The main duties of the center include:

Ÿ   Making an overall plan of the campus according to the requirements and developmentscale of the campus, revising and optimizing the plan on a regular basis;

Ÿ   Being responsible for managing the land resources of the university;

Ÿ   Working out the project plan, setting up and applying for the construction project in the prior period;

Ÿ   Researching, investigating, and implementing the construction plan;

Ÿ   Being responsible for the project supported by national finance, the self-raised project and the supporting project;

Ÿ   Being responsible for the work like bid inviting, designing, construction management, investment control and the acceptance inspection of the newly-built, reconstructed or expanded projects.