The Internet Center

The Network Center of Xi'anJiaotong University (XJTU) wasestablished on the basis of the former Computing Center in 1996 at the divisionlevel. The duties of the Network Center include construction, management,operation and maintenance of the campus information and network. The NetworkCenter consists of the Executive Office, the Network Department, the Development & Training Department and theService Center. In addition, the China Education and Research Network (CERNET)Northwest Center is also located here, which mainly provides network accessservice for universities and research institutes in Northwest China. 

The XJTUCampus Network was established in 1994, and it was connected to the Internetvia the CERNET in 1995. Since 1997, the campus network and campus informationapplication have been listed in all the phases of "Project 211" and"Project 985" as well as  other key construction projects,such as "Special Project for Campus Network in West China", the Ministryof Education’s “Technology Upgrade and Application Demonstration Projects ofInternet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) for Education and Research Infrastructure”.We also cooperated with the bank and built the campus card system.

Through ourefforts, the XJTU campus network takes the lead in areas such as accesscapability, public information capacity, bandwidth of exit,and operation management among colleges and universities in China. More than 130 kilometers of underground cables werelaid and advanced network devices, i.e. Internet Protocol Version 4(IPv4)/Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and three-layer switchtechnology were employed, with a backbone bandwidth of 10Gb, 1Gb to eachbuildingfloor, 100Mb to each campus net user, a total bandwidth of exit of4.3Gb and more than 2B to official IP addresses. The campus network has coveredall teaching areas, learning areas and residential areas as well as theaffiliated middle school, the attached primary school and all affiliatedhospitals, with an Internet penetration of 100%. Additionally, wireless networkservice is available in major public areas, with an overall adoption of the802.11n technology.

TheCampus network provides various kinds of public web services to all campususers, including email, domain name, out-of-campus VPN access, anti-virus software, Windows upgrade service, sharing anddownloading of FTP resource, VOD and bandstand, network storage, BBS, and videoconference, etc. There are more than 150 typesof on-campus websites which areestablished on the platform of the campus network, providing multipleapplication functions and resource services such as teaching, educationaladministration, scientific research, administrative affairs, news and students’association service. More than 20 information application systems with regard to campusaffairs administration such as office automation (OA), educationaladministration, graduate school administration, scientific research management,financial management and campus card are established throughout the campus,strongly improving the level of school teaching, scientific research,management and service. The digital campus platform, which was put intooperation in 2007, combined unified identity authentication and authorization,on-campus information portal, data hub and public foundation database into oneproduct, effectively integrating different kinds of information resources andinformation services onthe campus and offering a powerful management method forvariety of application systems and web services.

TheNetwork Center enjoys a beautiful environment and complete equipment, and isproperly set up with full-order public database center infrastructure. Itconsists of four primary machine rooms which are equipped with main networkequipment, a DHCP server, and workstation and storage systems, respectively.Also, it has a safe and reliable power support system and a network trainingroom accommodated with more than one hundred high-end microcomputers which isopen to students and used for user training.  

Allmembers of the Network Center have been working cooperatively with all partieson and offcampus to create a world-class university featuring modern digitalcampus.

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