The Qujiang Campus Management Office

QuJiang campus of XJTU is located at No.99 Yan Xiang Road, adjacentto the QuJiang new district of Xi’an. It is only threekilometers south of the XJTU XingQing campus. It is forms a trianglewith the XingQing campus and the YanTa campus, with an eastern vision of the BaiLu plain, a western view of Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, a northern viewof the Black Dragon Temple, a southern viewof the Du Ling, a ten thousand mu ecological garden. (one “mu” = 666.67 square meters.) Its land occupation is more than 600 mu with the construction area covering 140,000 square meters.Transportation is convenient and the environment is beautiful.

With the approval by Ministry of Education, since 2008 XJTU has gradually forged the original XJTU Scientific Zone into the QuJiang campus through re-layout, re-planning, readjustment and renovation. The QuJiang campus is designed to be a gathering place forknowledge-intensive researchers, an open scientific research base where prestigious universities and elite enterprises join hands and a special academic zone for development of emerging disciplines, innovation of knowledge, science and technology as well as for cultivation of skill-intensive and high-level talents.

Currently, there are more than eighteenresearch and development institutes and schools on theQuJiang campus,which includethe National Key Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems Engineering, the Collaborative Innovation Center of High-end Equipment Manufacturing, the Frontier Science and Technology Research Institute, the Ministry Key Laboratory of the Electronic Ceramics and Devices, the International Dielectric Center, the School of Living Environment and Architectural Engineering, the School of Software, the Global Environmental Change Research Institute, the Shaanxi Industrial Technology Research Institute and the Xi 'an Center of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, etc. With all theseschools and institutes in place, QuJiang campushas become an important window for foreign cooperation and exchange forXJTU.

Soaked with the time-honored cultural legacy of when you drink from the stream,remember the source of XJTU.QuJiang campus now has many unique XJTU campus landscapes, such as: WuTong Road, Cherry Road and Ginkgoes Forest. Engaged in exploration and innovation, QuJiang campus has employed a management mode of integration of departments and regions at different levels with priority given to the latter. It carries out its work under the guideline of new thought, new concepts, new modes, and new methods. The property service onQuJiang campus adopts a social and professional mode, facilitating teaching and scientific research by providing a better environment of work, study and living for both students and teachers.

QuJiang was the largest and most famous scenic spot in Chang’an city ofthe Tang dynasty. Today the QuJiang new district is a national 5 A-class cultural industry model zone characterized by internationalization, marketization, civilization and ecologicalization. The QuJiang campus of JiaoTong University, bathedin long history and profound culture and bringing into full play its prominent advantage in scientific research and academy, surely will write another glorious chapter for the cultural tradition of floating wine cups along the winding water and the resplendence of JiaoTong University.

XJTU QuJiang campus

Address: No.99 YanXiang Road, Xi’an, Shaan Xi province

Postcode: 710054

The management council of the XJTU QuJiang campus

Address: XJTU QuJiang campus the sixth floor of the second building of the west lecture hall

Telephone: 086-029-83399201