The Archives Office

Xi'an Jiaotong University has accumulated its own comparative abundant archives and history files. In March 1957, The United Archives of The Party and Politics was set up. In October 1982, The Comprehensive Archives was founded. In April 1987, under the official approval of The State Education Commission, the Archives of Xi'an Jiaotong University arranged as Department-System was established.

The Archive is not only a functional management department, but a science and culture institution of permanently preserving and utilizing our university's archives.

The Main Responsibilities

Ÿ   Planning, organizing, coordinating, supervising and guiding all the archives of XJTU

Ÿ   centralizing and unifying management of different kinds of archives and files

Ÿ   offering inquiring service for the university and society

Ÿ   reception and maintenance of the Source-tracing and Westward Migration Historic Monument

Ÿ   participating in the researches of history of XJTU

The Archive has four branches which are the Guidance Office, Preserving and Utilizing Office, Researches on Compiling the Archives and Technology Protection Office and West Campus Archive. It totals 21 faculty and 1,834 square kilometers of the overall floorage. The Archive is equipped with smart compact shelving, intelligentized environmental automatic control system, archive management system server, web server of the Archive, scanner, camera and photocopier, etc. In addition, The Archive is armed with an automatic safeguard alarm system.

The Archive strives to be a base for preserving XJTU archives for researches of XJTU history, and for patriotism education. Meanwhile, The Archive forges to be a modernized archive information center that efficiently serving the university and the society.


Contact Information:

Curator: Jianming Jia

TEL: 029-82663841 


Office Address:

First floor of the east side of the old library 


English Website: