The Department of Financial Affairs

The Finance Department is a functional department comprehensively responsible for financial accounting, financial management and financial supervision of the university. It consists of the Financial and Information Management Office, the Budget and Final Account Management Office, the Accounting Management Office, the Income and Salary Management Center, the Scientific Research Funds Management Center and Accounting Service Center with a total of 72 staff members. The duties of the department include:

1. Enforcing relevant state laws and regulations of finance, standardizing university-wide economic order, formulating financial management measures and distribution policy of economy, as well as organizing, supervising and implementing the above items.

2. Raising funds for school operations through various channels in the light of laws, enhancing the efficient use of funds, improving the internal control system, improving university’s financial condition so as to guard against financial risks effectively.

3. Taking charge of university’s budget planning, routine management, supervision, inspection, as well as financial performance evaluation and financial analysis.

4. Being responsible for university’s accounting business, completing all types of accounting statements, financial statistics reports and financial final accounts reports, as well as announcing university’s financial condition at regular intervals and providing relevant accounting information in time.

5. Being in charge of the management of the university’s charges and instruments, implementing the provision of “separation between revenue and expenditure” and regulating the university’s actions of charges collection.

6. Pushing forward financial information application, innovating measures of financial management as well as promoting the level of financial management.

7. Organizing the trainings of school accounting personnel to improve their professional abilities, guiding and supervising the accounting business of the university’s secondary accounting units.

8. Actively assuming the obligations as an obligor of withholding and remitting taxes.