The Department of Security

The Security Department is mainly responsible for security work, under which there are eight functional organizations, including General Office, 6 Security Squads and School Protection Unit.

The main responsibilities of the Security Department are as follows:

Carrying out propaganda and education on legality and security for teachers, students and staff members, so as to strengthen their legal awareness, thus inhibiting illegal and criminal incidents.

Assisting state security organs and public security organs to curb acts jeopardizing national security as well as coordinating with superior public security departments to ensure safety and security for significant activities;

Handling various unsteady disturbances and unexpected incidents in a timely manner;

Reconciling internal public security disputes for the purpose of maintaining the security order of public places on campus and educating or punishing those who disturb campus order in accordance with relevant rules;

Checking and implementing the responsibility system of security and technical safety measures to guard against fire, theft, damage and disaster accidents;  

Drafting and revising rules and regulations and work files concerning security;

Putting forward review opinions for security problems involved in reports and requests to be approved submitted by all units of the university;

Undertaking office routines assigned by the Comprehensive Committee of School Public Security and Traffic Safety Management Committee;

Leading and governing the School Protection Unit.


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