The Organization Department of Party Committee

The Organization Department of the Party Committee is a functional department of the school party committee specialized in grassroots organizations building, party members polishing and cadre work.


First, it earnestly carries out the building of grassroots organizations and the polishing of party members--specifically organizing and advancing education programs within the Party; provides guidance on cadre selection in the branch Party committee; conducts research on building and improving grassroots organizations; provides guidance for grassroots organizations on development and on education and management of Party members, and other services. Second, it strengthens the construction of cadres--specifically earnestly implementubg the Party’s cadre line and cadre policy, and fulfills the work of selecting, appointing, training, cultivating, supervising and appraising of cadres.


All the comrades of the Organization Department have inherited its fine traditions and styles and carry them forward. The objectives are to adhere to being fair and integrated, upright and honest, courageous and enterprising, and having qualified members so as to present a model department. It is requested that all members strengthen their Party spirit and improve their competence so as to meet the general requirements of focusing on the overall situation and serving the central task. The Organization Department will continue to strive for first-class performance in providing political and organizational guarantees for the development of the university.


Tel: 029-82668882