The Department of Housing and Community Management

Executive school leader: Zhao Changchang

Division Chief: Chai Wei

Deputy Division Chief: Yan Jingda


The Office of Real Estate and Community Management (ORECM) is in charge of managing campus faculty staff housing and relevant management services. The duties of ORECM include promoting the construction and planning of faculty staff housing (apartments), dealing with applications for the buying or renting of faculty staff housing (apartments) as well as daily management and maintenance, and managing the housing fund. Additionally the office is responsible for managing property rights and registrations, representing the school and all housing owners, for managing residential property services and for coordinating with relevant government agencies of Xi’an in social work in accordance with the overall development requirement of the school and relevant national policies.

ORECM consists of the Housing and Apartment Management Office, the Community and Property Management Office, the Maintenance Management office and the General Affairs Office.

ORECM now has nineteen workers, including one division chief, one deputy division chief, one senior supervisor, five supervisors and other eleven general workers.


Main Functions:

1. The management, distribution (selling), maintenance of the faculty staff housing and various apartments as well as other relevant services.

2. The study of policies related to campus housing reform and post-approval implementation.

3. Housing demolition incurred by the renovation of dangerous and old houses in the residential area.

4. Accounting duties for various housing funds and cooperating with the campus finance office in financial work.

5. Contacting with the Xi'an Housing Reform Office, the Housing Fund Management Center and with relevant banks.

6. The verification, payment and preparatory work of withdrawal of the campus housing fund.

7. The secretary work of campus housing reform leadership council and the campus housing reform working group.

8. The maintenance of residential areas (cleaning and order, etc.), the planning and management of roads,  the selection and recruiting of property management entrepreneurs (organizations), cost accounting and contract management, the daily coordination and communication as well as cooperation with street office in social services.


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