The Office for Campus Affairs and Property Service

Director: CHENG Jianshe   Tel: 82666578  E-mail: jscheng

Office address: Room 201, East 5th Apartment Building A

Tel: 82668400 E-mail:

Focusing on the goal of talent cultivation, insisting on scientific development outlook, targeting the “Three services and Two education models” (teaching service, scientific research service, service for the teachers and students; management education and service education) and adhering to the idea of “people-oriented service, careful observation, standard and high efficiency and civilization and harmony”, the Campus Affairs and Property Management Services Division, as one of the functional departments of Xi’an Jiaotong University, strives to create and guarantee a favorable and comfortable learning, living and working environment that serves the needs of all faculty, students and staff members in XJTU.

The division consists of the Facility Repairs and Maintenance Office, the Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Office, the Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Office, the General Affairs Office, the West Campus Affairs Office, and the General Affairs Service Centre. The Patriotic Sanitation Campaign Committee and the Forestation Committee are also stationed in the Division. There are 22 staff in the Division.