The Faculty and Teaching Development Center

Established by the standing Party Committee of the University in July 2011, the Teacher’s Teaching Development Center (TTDC) of Xi’an Jiaotong University is an organization directly under the authority of the university. Aiming to offer services for teachers’ development, including training, researching, evaluation, and consulting, TTDC tries to coordinate the relevant teaching resources within the university, update teaching conceptions, enhance teaching competence, build a learning and communicating platform, and finally improve teaching quality as a whole. At the same time, it also helps the related departments in enhancing their administration quality.


  • · Offer training to teachers to improve their teaching abilities

Geared to different needs of newly-appointed faculty, young and middle-aged faculty, senior professors and the graduate teaching assistants, TTDC will organize various activities, such as training courses, workshops, teaching experience exchange meetings, teaching salons, etc., to normalize and institutionalize the training process for teachers.

  • · Initiate teaching reform research to solve teaching problems

TTDC will set up project funds for the researches of teaching reforms on hot issues and difficulties, organize teachers in carrying out pilot reform studies, as well as spreading outstanding achievements and successful experiences step by step.

  • · Providing consultation for teaching evaluation and development

Entrusted by the university, colleges, teams or even individuals, TTDC will inspect teaching process, evaluate teaching quality and organize relevant experts to offer free and specific help in order to improve teachers’ teaching abilities.

  • · Offering consultation and training to other universities as a role model

TTDC accepts commissions from related government departments to offer training courses for teachers from other universities, especially those around Shaanxi Province in West China and provide services, including evaluation and consultation, to improve the teaching competence of all teachers.

TTDC is composed of a “Working Group of Experts” and a “Center Office”.

TTDC was rated as the Demonstration Center of Teachers’ Teaching Development of Shaanxi Province in July 2012, and was rated as National Demonstration Center in October 2012.





Address: Room 2125, Center Building 1